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  • Vote Labour in May
    My name is Hanif Abdulmuhit and I am a local resident. I work for a national charity in central London. I am a governor at Elmhurst & Shaftesbury primary schools and run a local supplementary school & sports club. I am a community...
  • What has Labour done for us? It's an important question. But before we answer this question let's look at these very real facts, so are able to better put into context the answer. A report done by Aston-Mansfield's Community Involvement Unit on...
  • Note: First published in 2009 so some references may be out of date. My notes in [ ]. Those who declare elections and voting in the UK to be 'haram', do so due to a fundamental belief they hold, that Muslims do not belong in this society. They...
  • Labour Team 2014
    2014 Local & Mayoral Elections: Labour Team Mayoral Candidate: Sir Robin Wales For more details visit Newham Labour Party
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